Cox Creative is an award-winning, strategic marketing and creative services agency that specializes in helping businesses, nonprofit organizations, charities and ministries succeed at the point of impact to ensure their inspiring product development and creative promotional efforts produce massive swells of sustained impact. We call it, “The Ripple Effect,” and it’s critical to success.

After all, if you don’t get lasting results, you just end up all wet. And in today’s tough economy, it tough just keeping your head above water. You need more flips, fewer flops and a team that will jump with both feet in to make your dreams a reality. That’s what we do. And we have a swimming time doing it with you.

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What Our Clients Say

"Our flagship award-winning production, Look Before You Leap, was conceptualized, written and produced by Cox Creative. The film has now been shown in 25 states to hundreds of thousands of students. I highly recommend Cox Creative for projects where excellence and high impact are your priorities."

—Dan Bailey, President, Just Say YES

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Why Cox Creative

Some might call it bad business to mix the personal with the professional, but we can't help it. Our client are our friends—valued relationships that extend far beyond the projects we've tackle together. Our success is defined by their success, and we recklessly disregard conventional boundaries to do everything we can to be proven catalysts of positive progress in the pursuit of their objectives.